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13 May

Keeping the charitable in charity

Keeping the ‘charitable’ in charity Volunteer work isn’t easy. You spend countless hours – hours that you don’t really have, after a demanding full-time job and between familial and other responsibilities. Often it’s after hours, when your body and (more so) your brain is craving relaxation. Other times it means taking time off from work not to go on a vacation, but for charity-related events or meetings. When it came to OBAT Canada, a charity I founded, lots of people recommended that we...

10 Sep

Helping Rohingya Refugees Overcome their Tsunami of Misery

Warning: The following article contains content that may be disturbing for some readers. By Dr. Shujaat Wasty What do I say to someone who was tortured and raped repeatedly, by numerous armed men, a handful of minutes after witnessing her husband and young children have their throats mercilessly slit, their bodies lit ablaze? The thought raced in my mind, on repeat, as I sat there trying to grasp the overwhelming magnitude of what Khatoon* recounted, and yet failing to reconcile it with...