OBAT Canada aspires to empower as many camp residents as possible through education. Being equipped with an education will ultimately give them access to employment opportunities and a chance to live a normal life.

Student Dropout Program: Inaugural Student Group & OBAT Team

Working Children Education Program

Due to extreme financial requirements at home, many children in impoverished communities drop out of school to work and support their families. Although this additional income is vital to their families, these children are giving up a huge opportunity to break through the poverty cycle by completing their education. In light of these circumstances, OBAT Canada initiated a pilot project in March 2018 with about 30 working children in Syedpur, Bangladesh. These children will be provided intensive catch-up courses for four hours a day/six days a week to allow them to attempt government board exams and get back into the education stream.

We know the pressures these children have to keep working, which is why courses are only four hours per day. This allows them to still keep working to support their families. Our team also meets with their parents/guardians to ensure they understand the importance of this program and they are fully invested in their kids education.

The cost of providing education to one working child is $140 per year.

Students studying in the library

Sumar Goth Campus

A unit of TCF’s Sumar Goth Campus in Karachi, Pakistan serves over 200 students (45% males, 55% females) and provides full-time, high-quality secondary school education to underprivileged children.  Provide high school education to youth in impoverished communities for an annual cost of only $180 per child.







OBAT RSF Syedpur Tutorial Center: Grade 8 math tutorial by Shaheen

OBAT Tutorial & Vocational Center

The displaced population camps around Syedpur, in the north of Bangladesh, consist of a significant cluster of inhabitants and slums.  A Centre has been established with a focus on providing educational support to around 130 youth of three age groups in the following subjects: Math, Science, English, Bengali and Commerce.

The Center also houses a vocational center where adults can enroll in a four month course to obtain a Sewing Certificate

The annual cost is approximately $6,500 (including rent, teacher and staff salaries, utilities, books and other teaching material).


Deaf children learning sign language in Karachi, Pakistan



Deaf Student Scholarship

In Pakistan, a country where education opportunities are already limited, there is an even greater challenge to educate children when they are deaf. For $75 a month you can provide education for a child that will allow them to become contributing members of society rather than a welfare recipient. Your donation will include teachers’ salary, student transport, uniforms, healthy snacks, books & stationery, vocational training, parents and teachers training programs and an employment program.







A conversation with the head teacher

Class in session

OBAT Pre-school & Vocational Center

The two room center houses one room for pre-school classes and a second room for vocational training for adults. A four month sewing course is offered to camp residents. This center is fully funded by an OBAT Canada donor.