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Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems I’ve written previously how and why it took 13 years to accomplish my dream of setting up an orphan sponsorship program. We started with 50...

Snowball in the Camps

Snowball in the Camps There’s just something very Canadian about snow. When I think back to the start of this journey, a very small initiative...

RIP Fahmida

RIP Fahmida I met Fahmida back in 2009. She was visually-impaired and lived alone in a small hut. Her husband and children did not survive...

An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey There I was, being hugged by a young boy not more than 8, his cheek on my cheek. He was a Rohingya...

First Dignity, Then Charity

First Dignity, Then Charity Ramadan is upon us once again, and during this month Muslims are encouraged to give generously to those with less.  We...

Keeping the charitable in charity

Keeping the ‘charitable’ in charity Volunteer work isn’t easy. You spend countless hours – hours that you don’t really have, after a demanding full-time job...