Clean Water & Sanitation

Clean water is the source of life and we believe access to it is a basic right. Lack of clean water causes disease and adds an additional layer of burden and complexity for vulnerable populations trying hard to fight their way out of endemic poverty. Our program empowers them by providing clean water.

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Clean Water & Sanitation

We install submersible pumps, semi-deep tube wells, deep tube wells, motorized tube wells, and water tanks to provide clean drinking water to displaced communities living in camps. We also build bathrooms, toilets, and dustbins to ensure proper sanitation. When you donate to this fund, we put your donation towards the most pressing needs in the camps we serve.

When you donate, you can specify what you would like to appear on a nameplate installed with the pump or well. Once installed, we will share photos with you.

Displaced population camps in northern Bangladesh.

$200 – $12,000 for clean water and sanitation

Clean Water

  • Hand pumps: $200 to $400
  • Submersible pump: $800 to $1,000
  • Motorized well: $6,000 to $12,000


  • Toilet: $480 
  • Bathroom: $750 


  1. We have installed over 400 semi-deep hand pumps to date, however based on our most recent assessments, the need is now much greater for semi-deep tube wells in the camps so our program will concentrate on those. The cost of a hand pump can be contributed towards a share of a semi-deep tube well and nameplates can be included for each share.
  2. Installation requires 12-18 months due to various factors including that we install in bulk, to get cheaper prices on material; we install in various cities/locations so all of the assessments need to be completed before we begin any installation; our team needs time to conduct field assessments; we have to find space in crowded camps for the installation of the well, platform, and drainage. Weather/season plays a role i.e. heavy rains during the monsoon season cause delays. Currently lockdown measures and other issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic are also causing delays.