Patients receiving refractive services.

Patients undergoing eye exam.

Maternal Care Program.

Restoration of Eye Sight

90% of visually impaired people live in low- and middle-income countries. Up to 80% of visual impairment and blindness in adults is preventable or treatable. Cataract surgery and correction of refractive errors are among the most cost-effective health interventions. – World Health Organization, 2013

Cataract and other causes of visual impairment can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.  OBAT Canada periodically arranges for pre-screening sessions and surgeries for members of disadvantaged and impoverished communities.  Patients are examined and operated on free of cost. A gender balance provides equal opportunity for females. This procedure converts patients from being burdens on families into productive members of society.

There are three phases: (i) pre-screening sessions; (ii) solution through surgical procedure and visual support instruments; and (iii) follow-up and repeat follow-up.

Give the gift of sight for $27 to $55 (costs for children can be up to $110).


Maternal Care & Safe Deliveries Program

This project will benefit expectant mothers and newborns from displaced population camps in Syedpur, Bangladesh, by working to expand access to key family planning and health products and services, promoting improved maternal and child health practices, and preventing and treating infectious diseases.  More specifically, the project will provide antenatal, postnatal and safe delivery services, with access to trained doctors and medical professionals (e.g. obstetrician/gynecologist, paramedics); necessary medical tests, vaccinations and health education services; as well as post-birth care to babies. Help bring a healthy life into this world for $135 per pregnant mother/baby.