Water for Life Project

Hand water pump donated by Shah Family and installed in Latifpour Colony, Bogra

North Bangladesh Displaced Population Camps (DPCs)

The principal cause of disease among the DPCs residents is a severe shortage of clean water. This unfortunate fact also contributes to the relatively high infant mortality rate.

Funds are needed on an ongoing basis to set up deep water pumps to service over 22 DPCs in north Bangladesh. The cost of each water pump is $385 on average, though it can vary depending on the depth of the clean water source. Hand pumps also need repairs and parts replacement. You may donate for one well or make smaller donations that will cover cost of repairing hand pumps.


Orangi Town, Pakistan

Orangi Town is located in the bustling metropolis of Karachi, Pakistan and sprawls over 8,000 acres of land. It is the largest slum in the world with an estimated population of over 2.4 million residents. The residents of this slum, tired of waiting for government help, mobilized and built their own sewers – by hand! Now, over 90% of the of Orangi Town’s alleys and lanes have sewage pipes and not one dollar (or rupee) came from the government.

There is another critical issue in this slum: a lack of clean water. This problem is especially exacerbated in the hot summer months. To alleviate this problem, OBAT Canada is installing wells in these communities to allow families to have easy access to clean water.

As the water levels are quite deep, boring technology has to be used to install the well so the cost of a well is much more than a simple hand pump. The cost of one well is approximately $1,900 and benefits an estimated 1,000 residents.

Our aim is to eradicate the water problems in the world’s largest slum. Will you be a part of this story?