Talent is always present, even in the most difficult of situations; all it needs is a little encouragement and support to help it bloom.

Umme Hani Rafa faces daily struggles while living in a displaced population camp in northern Bangladesh. Her father, the sole earning member of the family of six, makes less in a month than many do in a day. Quality education is a luxury for her and her siblings that they would not be able to afford without the support from OBAT.

Umme Hani is a student at the OBAT Tutorial and IT Center. Seeing her exceptional talent, the OBAT team signed her up for the National Child & Youth Programming Competition 2018 organized under the government’s Digital Bangladesh vision.


Umme Hani came in 1st place in the district competition, and 12th position at the national championship! At the award ceremony on October 30th, she was presented with a certificate for outstanding performance along with a tablet and other gifts by Bangladesh’s Telecommunication and ICT Minister, Mr. Jabbar and the Minister of State for ICT Division, Mr. Palak.

We are extremely proud of her and the OBAT team for helping discover and nurture her skills!