For the past twenty-eight years, Rizwan Samad who lives in Seattle, has owned and managed New Wave Travel Inc., a company founded to service flights from the Pacific Northwest to places all over the world. He has also served as president of ITC Gulf, an international trade consulting business founded by him  in 1996. Since 1980, Mr. Samad has been involved in several humanitarian campaigns. Some of his work includes the campaign against apartheid in South Africa; traveling to Bosnia during wartime to  help refugees living in Croatia; assisting dislocated persons from Somalia relocate comfortably in Seattle and surrounding areas; and sponsoring refugees in Seattle. Since 1996, he has been on the board of directors for Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation and has helped to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and other causes. Mr. Samad was the principal force behind the establishment of the Friends of OBAT, Seattle chapter.