Who we are

About Us


OBAT Canada is a registered charity that embraces a holistic approach in supporting impoverished communities and individuals to break free of the poverty cycle. We support initiatives at home in Canada and in South Asia, where we are committed to providing aid, healthcare, education and economic empowerment to displaced and disadvantaged communities, including Rohingya refugees. 

Who We Are

OBAT Canada is volunteer-driven, which means we are able to maximize the effectiveness of your donations by putting 100% of your contributions towards our programs. Our minimal administrative costs are to ensure programs run as intended and efficiently; these costs are covered by a group of dedicated donors.

OBAT Canada is an independent charitable organization that works closely with OBAT Helpers USA, originally formed as a family initiative by Anwar and Afshan Khan. OBAT’s name is derived from the first letters of their parents’ names.

Please note that all donations made to us are eligible for a Canadian tax deductible donation receipt. We encourage our US-based supporters to donate to OBAT Helpers USA.

Dedicated donors cover our operating costs
so 100% of your donations go directly to our programs!

Our Values

To create an empathetic and informed understanding among Canadians about poor, vulnerable and neglected communities locally and in South Asia; and to introduce opportunities for self-empowerment to those communities.

Our Mission

To provide access to basic human needs, health care and quality education to impoverished communities in South Asia and Canada.



We serve indigent communities with compassion, dignity and ongoing presence.


We authentically engage in the challenges and successes of the individuals we support, and disseminate their narratives.


We are committed to transparency and accountability to all stakeholders by engaging in effective communication. Stakeholders include OBAT Canada’s team, volunteers, donors, partners and the populations we support.


OBAT Canada insists on ethical consciousness of cultural contexts, local structures and our own interactions and behaviours.


Basic Needs

Can you imagine going to bed worrying how you will feed your children in the morning or hearing the cries of your young ones because they are so hungry?


Education has the power to change the present to shape the future of children and adults alike.


Health interventions relieve pain, give comfort, provide autonomy – and most importantly – save lives.

Clean Water

Lack of clean water causes disease and adds an additional layer of burden and complexity for those trying hard to fight their way out of endemic poverty.