I am Md.Nowshad Alam living in new releif camp, Rangpur, Bangladesh. I have just completed my Graduation in Chemistry from University of Dhaka, one of the most reputed and top ranked universities of Bangladesh.

It’s so easy to hear that i am a graduate now. But it was not that easy for a guy, who starved for days, to come across this long journey.

I would like to start from very beginning. In my locality there were more than 200 families. But you would be very surprise to know that only 6-8 families used to send their children to schools and others start sending their children to work when they have only 10-12 years of age.But i was lucky to have such  parents who wanted to let me study.

I completed my primary education without any problem as the government has made it free of cost.But problem arose when i started my secondary school. My father was a day labour(now a kidney patient) and was the only earning member of among 9 members of my family. So, it was getting impossible for him to bear my educational expenses.And at one time i thought i might not continue my study any more.

But then Almighty sent Mr.Anwar Khan Akmal Sir and OBAT as angel to us. He came to us and told ” You need not to worry about expenses. You just work hard, OBAT is always with you.”

That one sentence gave me the courage and strength. I started working even harder. But again i had to face lots of problem. As my neighbors were not educated, they used to make fun of mine. Moreover, they made noise all the day. There was no environment for study. You would be surprise to know that many a times during study i used to block my ear with my finger for hours to ignore their turbulence.

In 2007, i passed the entrance exam (2nd position) in Rangpur Zilla School which is one of the best schools in Bangladesh.

In 2009 i appeared in Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C) exam and Alhamdulillah i got  GPA-5.00 ( golden A+) and obtained 128th position of almost 3 lakh students in my education board. And as per i know, i am the first OBAT student in Bangladesh to get GPA-5.00.

With my excellent result i got chance to admit in Cantonment College, Rangpur, again one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. But here educational costs were too much and a boy from such poor family couldn’t even think of study in this college. But again Anwar Sir came to my house and told my parents that OBAT will manage my costs.

This time i used to study for about 15-18 hours a day and Alhamdulillah  i did even more better in Higher Secondary Certificate(H.S.C) exam. I got GPA-5.00(golden A+) and attain 3rd position among almost 1.8 lakh students in my board.

After my higher education i got chance to admit myself into ‘University Of Dhaka’. I must add that this is one of the best universities not only in Bangladesh but also in indian subcontinent. About 75000 thausand students appeared in the entrance exam for only 1500 seats. And Alhamdulillah i was one of those 1500 students who passed the entrance exam.

In 2018, I completed my Graduation in Chemistry and got Convocation a few days back.  Now, i am doing my post graduation in ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ and working in some research work. At the same time i am preparing myself for Bangladesh Civil Service Jobs and GRE for higher education as well.   I have lots of people to thank. First of all my parents without whom i would have no existence. Then the most important person in my life is my brother Md.Erfan Alam who is also a part of OBAT Rangpur team. He is the one who always inspires me and has the faith on me that i must do something great. Then my whole family members, my eldest brother, my sisters,  my uncle, my brother-in-laws, my teachers and my well wishers.

Last but not the least, i would like to thank from the very deep of my heart to Mr.Anwar Khan Akmal Sir. Without him i would be nothing. He not only supported me financially but also encoring me, showing me the right direction every time whenever i am in problem, providing us OBAT Tutorial Center,OBAT Computer Training Center. I would specially like to thank Thanks to Emamul Haque Munna Sir,  Sohail Akhter Khan Sir, all the donors of OBAT. You people are doing the best job. You can’t even think how distressfully our community pass their single day. But with the help of OBAT day by day this people are changing their lives. You would be happy to know that every cell of our body as well as our parents always pray for you guys. Like me there are lots of students who is coming forward for betterment of their life through education. Not only in educational sector but also OBAT is providing opportunities of empowerment. And i feel very happy to see that our lives has already started changing.This is all because of OBAT. That’s why i would like to request you all : ” Please keep helping this deprived and distress people to make their life better and to make the world better.”

Lastly, Please keep helping me the way you doing till now because the journey has not  ended up yet and please pray for me so that i can fulfil my dreams, my family’s dreams and can contribute to change the life of my community.