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Your zakat/ donations to OBAT Canada can help millions of children to see

Your Zakaat will enable OBAT Canada to transform the lives of millions of children suffering from curable blindness.

Play your part in changing their lives.

OBAT Canada is committed to eradicating curable forms of vision loss across Pakistan by working towards the mission of ensuring that “no man, woman, or child should go blind simply because they cannot afford treatment.”

26 million Pakistanis suffer from visual impairment. Of these, 3 million are children. OBAT Canada works with agents in Pakistan to free eye care, and a beacon of hope for those praying to escape a life of darkness. $740 CAD can provide 10 children with the gift of sight.



Over 3 million children in Pakistan suffer from varying degrees of blindness or visual impairment.

·         Vision loss is great burden to bear for anyone, especially children.

·         Blindness or poor vision serves as a challenge for the entire family.

·         It hinders learning and development, resulting in lower education rates and decreased chances of employment.

Sight Restoration

·         90% of such cases are curable – Restoring a person’s vision results in renewed opportunities; they are able to receive an education, build a career, and reach their full potential.

·         These individuals will be able to lead enriched lives.

·         Sponsoring sight-restoring surgeries leads to a once-in-a-lifetime transformation.


To combat preventable forms of blindness, OBAT Canada works agents hospitals in Karachi which have facilities capable of conducting major sight restoration surgeries for children in Pakistan. 

Long-term Impact

Providing children in need of sight-restoring surgeries will grant them access to education, the opportunity to develop new skills, and participate in day-to-day activities, thus allowing them to reach their full potential. A child whose vision has been restored is given a renewed sense of hope for empowerment and independence.

Ramadan donations are taken as zakat unless specified. 


OBAT Canada is volunteer-driven, which means we are able to maximize the effectiveness of your donations by putting 100% of your contributions towards our programs. Learn More >>

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