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Your zakat/ donations to LRBT can help millions of children to see


Over 3 million children in Pakistan suffer from blindness or visual impairment

  • Blindness is a grave trial for anyone, but in childhood it becomes even bigger
  • A case of blindness makes the whole family less productive since members have to act as caregivers.
  • Blindness usually prevents even the acquisition of basic education and skills, rendering chances of employment very low.


Sight Restoration
  • The good news is that 90% of blindness is curable! Restoring a person’s vision restores their chances of receiving an education, of having a career, and of reaching their potential. Children can study and grown-ups can have careers and fulfilling lives after sight restoration.

  • With a restored vision, individuals would be able to lead enriched lives and achieve normal milestones like getting married, raising families, and being independent.

  • Sponsoring their surgeries would not only restore their vision but change their lives, because a sight saved, is a life saved.

  • After successful treatment children can continue to dream for a bright and empowered future.


Conducting major eyesight restoration surgeries for children at the LRBT Korangi Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Karachi. LRBT has a wide network of hospitals with state of the art facilities.

Spread all over Pakistan with its 79 facilities comprising 19 hospitals and 60 eye centers, LRBT ensures that no one is more than a 3-hour bus ride from one of their facilities. The mission being that no man, woman or child should go blind simply because they cannot
afford the treatment. 673 poor, helpless and needy children would have their sight restored
through this project and become productive and useful members of society.


Long-Term Impact:

Restoring the vision of these children will help them access educational and skill-building
opportunities, allowing them to reach their full potential. Restoring a child’s vision means
returning their future back to them and giving them hope for empowered and independent
Help LRBT make this happen

LRBT is OBAT Canada’s agent in Pakistan for eyesight restoration surgeries.

Ramadan donations are taken as zakat unless specified. OBAT Canada will issue tax receipts for donations made in Canada.



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