Rohingya Crisis: The Struggle to Prevent a Lost Generation

Rohingya Crisis: The Struggles to Prevent a Lost Generation 

An awareness dinner featuring firsthand accounts from the refugee camps by:

Dr. Frederick John Packer, Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre and an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa. He is a renowned expert on the Rohingya crisis and has remained engaged with the issue for over 26 years now, having previously investigated attacks on the Rohingya in Myanmar while working for the United Nations.

Dr. Shujaat Wasty, OBAT Canada founder, OBAT Helpers USA vice-president. A practitioner in international affairs and development, he has spent extensive time volunteering in a humanitarian capacity with Rohingya refugees, most recently during a stint earlier this month.


  • Adult (Age 11 & over): $35
  • Child (Age 5 to 10): $15
  • Child (Age 4 & under): Free

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