Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems I’ve written previously how and why it took 13 years to accomplish my dream of setting up an orphan sponsorship program. We started with 50 orphans in the displaced population camps, and then expanded to supporting Rohingya orphans in refugee camps who had lost both their parents to the horrors of the Rohingya genocide. As […]

Away from the limelight, a genocide is ongoing

Away from the limelight, a genocide is ongoing. Just this week, the Myanmar junta bombarded Thar Dar Rohingya village in Minbya Township, with reports of 24 innocent Rohingya men, women and children murdered, and another 60 injured.  About half a million Rohingya continue to live under constant threat in Myanmar, unsafe in their own homes. […]

An Orphan From the Camps Finds His Way to Montreal, Canada

An Orphan From the Camps Finds His Way to Montreal, Canada I received a gift on Friday night, one unlike any gift I’d ever received before featuring a very special visit by someone not just from kilometers away, but from another world altogether: Mohammed Irfan Khan. I’d met Irfan twice previously under different circumstances. Our first […]

An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey There I was, being hugged by a young boy not more than 8, his cheek on my cheek. He was a Rohingya orphan, far removed from his land, his community, his family. An orphan whose childhood innocence had been cruelly snatched and was left longing for the care, love and company of […]

First Dignity, Then Charity

First Dignity, Then Charity Ramadan is upon us once again, and during this month Muslims are encouraged to give generously to those with less.  We fast during the day from food and water in the hopes that we will be grateful, remember to be humble, and give generously from what we have. Ramadan is a […]