Cars & Chai Ramadan Fundraiser

Cars & Chai was initiated by a core group of enthusiasts who share the global passion of the automobile. In doing so, the endearing spirit created by public events is to bring visiting children and adults closer to their aspirations, and to enable them to experience the excitement of automotive related sights and sounds. Additionally, many of our events are intended to raise funds for the ever growing needs of charitable causes. Any proceeds collected would contribute to an announced, designated, and established philanthropic cause.

OBAT Canada will issue tax receipts for donations made in Canada. All donations are considered as Zakah.

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Write a check and mail to:
OBAT Canada
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Ottawa, ON K2G 5Y7


Donation Total: $75.00 One Time

Restore Eyesight

No one can understand the blessing of eyesight better than the one who loses it. Watch Dulari explain what her life was before she was selected for OBAT Canada’s eyesight restoration program and hear her sincere wishes for the donors who allowed her to regain her eyesight.

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Indoor plumbing is not considered a luxury, but for some residents in displaced population camps in Bangladesh, even a shared functioning toilet outside their shelter is a blessing. Help build this toilet so residents of the camp may go to the washroom in privacy, security and dignity.

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Education is the most important tool we have to help people in disadvantaged communities break the poverty cycle. Sponsor students at OBAT Canada’s tutorial center in Saidpur to help them complete their studies, achieve their dreams and gain financially independence.

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