Welcome to OBAT Canada


OBAT Canada is a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (under the Canadian Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985, registration number 738523695RR0001) that focuses on providing impoverished communities with free to low-cost healthcare, education and basic needs (clean water, food, and shelter) so that individuals may have the resources to break free of the poverty cycle and become contributing members of society.  We start this work at home in Canada where we support various hospital foundations, women’s shelters, and food banks. Our main area of focus abroad is in South Asia, particularly Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, where we are committed to providing aid, healthcare, education and economic empowerment to displaced and disadvantaged communities often forced to reside in slums or camps.



Provide relief, comfort and assistance to those ailing from common medical conditions to life altering treatments.


Provide countless opportunities to bright young students, from preschool through college, to enhance their lives and transform their futures.


Lack of clean water causes many water-borne illnesses amongst camp residents and adds an additional layer of burden and complexity for these vulnerable populations trying hard to fight their way out of endemic poverty. Empower the forgotten through investing in access to clean water.


Can you imagine going to bed worrying how will you feed your children in the morning or hearing the cries of your young ones because they are so hungry? Provide relief, comfort and assistance to those who don’t know where there next meal will come from.


When anyone has to leave their home in an emergency situation, whether it is due to war or a natural disaster, they quickly find themselves from leading a normal life to going to complete chaos. Families become homeless, children are orphaned and individuals often lose hope. When we meet these people, they typically don’t have a possession in the world except the clothes on their backs. No food, no water, no shelter and no resources. How can we not help?


An important part of our philosophy is that charity starts at home. This is why it is vital for us to build strong partnerships with local organizations. We like to support hospital foundations, soup kitchens and food banks as well as provide funds to relief efforts whenever there is a Canadian disaster such as wild fires and floods.